Jigsaw Puzzles - 3D Style Online Jigsaws to Play for Free

Jigsaw puzzle game that provides you with a fun way to play online jigsaw.

Playing the Puzzle Game - Instructions

The 3D jigsaw puzzle contains over 60 picture puzzles for you to solve. Once you have solved a puzzle you can move onto the next jigsaw, or select another category (Animals - Places and Scenery - Animals & Nature, Horses and Ponies and Butterflies and Bees) to play.

To start the game, click on the welcoming screen, then New Game. Once you are in the game you can select what Category you would like to play. You then can work your way through the jigsaws in this category, or change your category at anytime.

The 3D puzzle game has 3 levels of difficulty (6, 24, 96 pieces). Enjoy the game.

Game instructions - guide