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Original photo credits: Pixabay - Gil

Baboons are intelligent. They can learn simple tricks and have even been known to perform in circuses. They have also been known to use tools, such as rocks, to crack open nuts. Although they are not as adept at using tools as chimpanzees, they are better at it than any other non-human primate. Baboons live in troops of up to several hundred animals. Each troop contains one or more 'bands', which are groups of males. Females and their young live in separate groups. Males leave their birth group when they reach adulthood and join a new group. Females usually stay in their birth group their entire lives.

Baboons are very social animals. They groom each other and play together. They also defend each other against predators. When a baboon is threatened, it will make loud noises and show its teeth to scare off the predator. If that doesn't work, the whole troop will band together and attack the predator.

Baboons are omnivorous, eating both plants and animals. Their diet is mostly plant food, such as fruit, leaves, and stems, but they also eat insects, small mammals, and reptiles. Baboons are found in Africa and Arabia.

Thoughtful words

Baboon, sharing 91% DNA similarities with humans

Is it any wonder we're often compared?

We have the same kind of hair,

The same kind of nails,

The same kind of skin.

We even walk on two legs,

And use our hands to express ourselves.

Some might say we're quite alike,

But I know we're different in many ways.

We may share some physical traits,

But our lives are not the same.

I'll never know what it's like to be a human,

And you'll never know what it's like to be a baboon.

But despite our differences,

We can still be friends.

We can still learn from each other,

And maybe, just maybe,

We can even make the world a better place.

A poem by AI