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Play our free online jigsaw puzzle of Sooty Sue, one of our 2 black cats, in one of her beds. Art style image taken from original photograph by the webmaster. Sooty Sue is one of currently 6 cats we have in our home and the only one that gets to roam around the farm. Our other cats have large secure outdoor runs to keep them, and as importantly the wild birds that visit our garden, safe. Sooty was always the farm cat and has always roamed freely. Luckily she does not hunt birds. She is also getting older at around 16 years so she also likes her comforts. She adopted us several years ago and moved in. She gets on great with our dogs, not so much with our other house cats, especially Toby who tends to bully her. For this reason Sooty gets to sleep in the kitchen or conservatory where she gets peace from the other cats.

Jigsaw Puzzle 9

Art Style Picture used in the Jigsaw

Black cat

Black Cat picture (Sooty Sue) used in the jigsaw taken by the webmaster.