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A rainbow lorikeet is a brightly coloured parrot, being one of the most brightly coloured parrots in the world and are easily recognisable due to their colourful plumage and found in Australia and New Guinea. The adult male has a red beak and head, blue breast and belly, green back and wings, and yellow thighs. The adult female has a blue head and breast, and green back and wings. Rainbow lorikeets are social animals and live in pairs or small groups. The birds are about 30 cm long, and weigh about 100g.

Rainbow lorikeets are social birds, and live in groups of up to 20 birds. They are active during the day, and sleep at night in trees. Rainbow lorikeets are mostly herbivorous and feed on nectar, pollen and fruits. They use their long tongues to reach the nectar in flowers and play an important role in the pollination of native plants. They are highly active birds and are known for their acrobatic flying displays.

Rainbow lorikeets are popular pets, and are often kept in aviaries. They are also used in the pet trade. Rainbow lorikeets are protected by law in Australia.

A rainbow lorikeet is a brightly coloured parrot found in Australia

And they're so beautiful to see

With their red, green and blue feathers

They're such a pretty sight

And I'm sure that they bring a smile

To everyone who sees them

They're just so lovely to behold

And I'm sure that they're a joy

To all who hear their song

So if you ever get the chance

To see a rainbow lorikeet

Don't hesitate

Just go and take a look

And you'll be glad you did