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Play the Jigsaw Puzzle or Use your own Picture

I hope you enjoy playing our 3D jigsaw. The default number of pieces is 40, you can change this from 12 to 100 jigsaw pieces by selecting from the number of pieces menu.

Jigsaw piece rotation is switched OFF as a default. If you enjoy a harder challenge then click on the Rotation toggle button then click on Shuffle, you will then need to rotate the pieces to fit (using the right mouse button).

Full screen mode can be used if you prefer no distractions. You can use your own picture to play as a jigsaw puzzle, just use the Create Puzzle button to find a picture on your computer.

If your browser supports this game feature you can use the CREATE PUZZLE button on the top right of the puzzle area. Click on this and select the picture you would like to use. I hope you will enjoy playing this puzzle game.

3D Style Online Jigsaw Puzzle

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