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Play our free online jigsaw puzzle of one of our lovely cats, Bobbie. Fortunately Bobbie loves to be brushed and groomed as her hair often goes into being matts. As an outdoor only cat with long hair she needs to be brushed regularly. A Barn cat / cats live outdoor and are often friendlier than a feral cat. Our "barn" cats live in a secure area of a large shed with a large attached cat run or catio as they are called in some countries. This keeps the cats safe from traffic and farm machinery, while also protecting wildlife that we encourage into our garden and small croft. Art style image taken from original photograph by the webmaster. Picture is free to re-use with attribution.

Jigsaw Puzzle 13

Art Style Picture used in the Jigsaw

Gorgeous long-haired Cat

Cat picture used in the jigsaw taken by the webmaster of Bobbie, one of our outdoor barn cats.